Saturday, October 11, 2014

Spirit Realm Rules: Part 3 of 3 - EARTH LAWS

Many Spiritual & Earth rules blend together but not all. Here are some Earth "rules" that do not cross both realms. These laws are Spirit Realm's (God's) belief systems for human souls.

(1) Success on Earth is good. Work toward success not failure. Your soul wants to succeed in every endeavor. If you want to achieve it, 90% chance it's in your Soul Blueprint to accomplish it.

(2) What you fear, you create. Be mindful of your fears. Sometimes they appear shortly before you succeed.  

(3) Keep your agreements. If you promise something, to yourself or others, fulfill that promise. Creates positive energy flow. Promising and not delivering creates soul imbalances which can lead to emotional &/or physical imbalances.

(4) Taking action builds confidence and self-empowerment. It also creates positive momentum, opening more doors for you.

(5) Earth Justice reflects Spiritual Justice. When someone attacks, kidnaps, robs, kills or rapes - they deserve swift punishment that fits the crime. Compassion for the innocent victim trumps compassion for the criminal.

(6) Activity reigns supreme in the Earth Realm. Why? Because we live in physical bodies requiring physical activity. We chose to live in physical bodies. If we didn't want to be active or physical, we would not live on Earth. Physical activity balances our mental state.

(7) When you leave the Earth Realm (cross-over), the biggest obstacle to fully integrating back into the Spirit Realm: regret. Live your life fully - minimizing regret once you cross-over.

(8) Prayer is powerful. Meditation is powerful. Both are natural ways we connect with the Spiritual Realm, empty our mind of chatter and recharge our batteries.

(9) Physical activity connects us to Mother Earth - abundant, energetic, constantly regenerating, balancing. Earth is a reflection of who we are and can be - strong, powerful, beautiful.  When we neglect the physical aspect of our daily lives, we neglect part of our soul destiny, creating an imbalance. Illness thrives in an off-balanced environment.

(10) Earth is naturally sustaining and abundant. The Human Footprint is small compared to the remaining 70% of the planet uninhabited. Earth knows how to regenerate, recharge and restore itself. Respecting Mother Earth is important. Respecting her more than we respect ourselves goes against Natural Law and our soul energies.

(11) Pay attention. If you see an injustice or harm done to others, speak up or act accordingly. If a negative event or incident crosses your path, pay attention. You can make a positive difference.

(12) Everyone has Spirit Guides. Even criminals and killers. 

Namaste -
Robin Amanda - Sedona Spirit Psychic
Sedona Psychic-Medium (since 2009)
Reiki Master-Healer III
Former Sedona Vortex Guide (2009-2016)
Twitter: @sedonarobin
P.O. Box 20797, Sedona AZ 86341

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