Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Elections & Politics

We live in very interesting times. A time when feeling good or making a difference is important to us. Those themes come from our soul energy. They are admirable traits. Blending our spiritual side with our human side is called "transcendence".

Our human side includes our mind, heart, and body. While we transcend, using our soul energy more often, we cannot forget the value of our mental side: facts. Facts, trends, statistics, patterns allow us to see the world as it truly is. They help us decide how we can make a positive difference in the world. The topics that interest us come from our heart and soul. How we make a difference in those areas is founded by the facts we know about those topics. That's how we blend it all together and transcend.

In the United States, this is an election year. A wonderful opportunity to practice transcendence - blending our human side with our spiritual side to make a positive difference. It's a time when our voices can be heard and counted in a very meaningful way. It's a pivotal election: deciding if our future moves toward individual freedom, independence, economic prosperity, safety and security or more government control of our daily lives.

Politicians want our vote. Some use emotion, others use facts to influence us. Emotional tactics are getting old for most of us. We see through it. That is a good sign. We're using our intuition, our soul voice, to see clearly through the swarm of emotional TV ads, print ads, radio ads. And we're hungry for facts.

Facts ground us. Where do the best facts come from? Personal research. Online research, asking officials about trends and patterns, and talking with people who have personal experiences on the topics that matters most to us. Unfortunately, the press (online, TV, print, radio) and political ads rarely give us complete facts. We must research.

Most of us use the internet for researching facts. That is good but also a double-edged sword. Some internet claims look like facts but aren't. Requiring us to dig deeper, click more links, follow the rabbit hole until our questions are answered. But that is also good. Internet research takes less time than physically digging through piles of newspaper clippings, court records or government reports. Within 30 minutes, we can find our answers. If we give it the adequate time, we find the facts. Internet research is much faster than going to a public library or government building to pull archives. It may take longer than 5 minutes to research a topic but you'll be glad you spent the time. Knowing the facts may change your opinion or your vote. Keep an open mind. Remember that facts don't lie. Facts ground you, help you balance and transcend.

Politics affects each of our personal lives. Politics sets policies, laws, regulations, freedoms that touch each one of us, our families, neighbors and communities - every single day. This year's election is very important. It will decide if our individual futures are grounded in freedom and independence - or more government control over our lives.

Before you cast your vote over the next 7 days, research the facts. An educated vote is the best vote. This is an important election. Let your voice be heard.

In case you're wondering: Yes, I research facts surrounding policies and politics (city, county, state, federal) currently and over the last 10 years. I keep an open mind, focusing on what's important for the whole: what will uplift, empower the majority of humanity - my neighbors, friends, family. I feel my vote doesn't just affect my personal and professional life - it affects everyone's lives now and in the future.

I believe in Free Will and the power of individual choices. When individuals have the power and freedom to decide their fates, I believe it makes them stronger, smarter, self-empowered, motivated and helps them fulfill their individual soul destiny.

--Robin Amanda Kelley
Sedona Spirit Psychic

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