Monday, September 22, 2014

Spirit Realm Rules

Part 1 of 3-Part Series:

#1: Respecting others' privacy and belief systems is very important. 

#2: Personal Responsibility is key to Self-Fulfillment, Self-Empowerment and ultimately Spiritual Enlightenment.

#3: The Spirit Realm includes God, Angels, Saints, Heaven, Spirit Guides, Lost Loved Ones, and other entities not physically seen by human eye.

#4: If a human living on Earth asks a non-Earth entity to leave, that entity must leave. That even includes our Spirit Guides. Did you know you can "fire" a Spirit Guide if you want to? You sure can. If you don't feel they're giving you enough help or direction.

#5: Living on the Earth Plane is not an easy task. Use your Spirit Guides as much as possible. You hired them to help you. They love their work! Helping you succeed is their #1 priority. You hired your Spirit Guides before you were born on this physical plane. You made agreements with them. They made agreements with you. They like keeping their agreements. Just ask them for help and they are there!

#6: Not all Spirit Guides are Angels with Wings. But they all have unique specialties to assist you with your “mission” on this earth.

#7: Lost Loved Ones often visit you. Sometimes through dreams, songs on radio, commercials on TV, radio or internet, lightbulb flickers or other electronic ways. If you don’t feel them around, 70% chance they feel you’re doing really well and leave the tough stuff to your Spirit Guides. Sometimes it means they're busy or upset - happens rarely but can happen.

#8: Your Soul Blueprint contains your “mission” on this physical plane. You helped design it before you were born. It contains all of your talents, abilities, desires, goals. It also holds your “destiny”, the types of relationships you will have and with whom, your financial fortune, issues you’ll work through this lifetime, successes, failures and timeline. It holds your “spiritual record” and blueprint of your life right now. 

#9: When in doubt, don’t. 90% of time, if you doubt something, it's probably your Spirit Guides saying "Don't do it!" or "Caution!"

#10: Taking care of your physical body helps you tackle everything on your Soul Blueprint “to do list” this lifetime. Exercise, eat right, rest. We'll help you with the rest.

Stay Tuned for Part 2 later this week: How to Communicate with Your Spirit Guides.

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