Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Spirit Realm Rules - Part 2 of 3

#11: When times get tough, ask us for help. When you pray to God, your Angels, your Spirit Guides or your Lost Loved Ones, asking for help - we listen.

#12: Patience. Sometimes it takes a while to bring help to you. Just be patient and we'll bring you the best help based on your circumstances. Patience is called faith. Faith is patience in our process. If you change your mind while we're bringing something to you, it may take longer for that "desire" to manifest. It is OK to change your mind. Simply allow us time to readjust and help you capture what you want. Tip: If you want it with all your heart and soul, that means it's in your Soul Blueprint to have it. Faith, patience and a little elbow grease (steps you must take) help the process along.

#13: Your biggest obstacle while living on the Earth plane: conflicts between your mind, heart and soul. Creates fear, doubt, illness. Your mind is a powerful tool if used correctly. It can limit you, if used incorrectly. Use your mind as a tool.  Your soul is your food - connects you to all that "is", all possibilities. Your heart provides flavor. Your mind is the fork - helping you achieve on the Earth plane. Your physical body will do what your mind wants.

#14 - Mind power mainly exists on Earthly plane, not the Spirit Realm. Your mind is powerful and assists you in achieving great things. Mind over matter is part of human law. Your mind is energy-driven. Refresh or clean it often to get best use from it. Good ways to refresh it? Exercise, meditation, travel, laughing, being with other people. A refreshed mind brings double-power to you. "Clear your head" and you'll clear out any self-doubt or fear that limits your options or possibilities.

#15: Humans are the physical manifestation of soul energy. Souls are social by nature. In the Spirit Realm, every soul has a companion and at least one soul group. They communicate every day with other Spirit Realm souls. Isolating from others, while on the Earthly plane, can sometimes refresh your energy. A habit of isolation goes against your soul energy. Causes depression, sadness and ultimately disease. Stay social. Your soul needs it.

#16:  Life on Earth is much more exciting than life in the Spirit Realm. Souls, Spirit Guides, Angels often wish they lived on Earth, tackling the tough issues we all face. They see our conflicts as obstacle courses or roller-coaster rides and opportunities to shine, accomplish. Life in the Spirit Realm resembles floating on a calm river in a pontoon boat. It's a privilege to live on Earth. Souls become Spirit Guides to feel the thrill of helping us on the Earth plane. Being a Spirit Guide is also a privilege - helping us achieve and throwing a party when we overcome obstacles or achieve our goals.

#17:Communicating with Lost Loved Ones. It's easier than some people believe. The string connecting you to your family or friends on Earth stays in place when that loved one crosses over. What's the string? Love. Unconditional love. Love energy is soul energy. Love energy flows through your heart. If you feel loved ones around you, 90% time it is them. You are not going bonkers. Then barrier between Earth and the Spirit Realm is very thin nowadays. Conversing with your loved ones is as easy and simple as talking on the phone. There are exceptions. Listed below.

#18: When you cannot feel loved ones around you, those that exist in the Spirit Realm, several reasons could apply. They may have immediately crossed back to Earth plane. You and your loved one may have completed your spiritual agreement and the connection no longer exists. Your loved one may feel embarrassed by their actions toward you. They may check on you, see that you're OK, and are helping someone else. Or they may check on you from afar - keeping an energetic distance from you so that you can accomplish your goals better. Most loved ones don't want to interfere with your life journey. They want to add value to your life, not restrict you. If you cannot sense them around you, 99% time it has nothing to do with you.

#19: Communicating with loved ones is the same as communicating with your Spirit Guides. If you sense your loved ones around you, if you talk to them and feel them talking back, you're not crazy - you're connected! And if this applies to you, it also means you sense your Spirit Guides. Both groups use the same wave of communication - the same channel. Some people have a stronger connection with their Spirit Helpers than loved ones. To your soul, it makes no difference. The ultimate goal: stay connected to Spirit Realm, God, The Universe - whichever way you do it. Your connection brings you soul food, information, intuition, faith. These are vital parts of human existence.

#20: Praying to God is same as praying to your loved ones or praying to your Spirit guides. It's all the same energy. You were born with a direct line or string connecting you to the Spirit Realm and all its possibilities, information, encouragement. Sometimes we just forget! Practice strengthens your string or line of communication.

God, The Universe, Angels, the Spirit Realm - they are always around you. These positive forces exist within 3 feet from you, your aura, your energy field, your physical body. That's how close they are. You have direct access to these positive forces 24/7. The trick is balancing Spirit energy with Earth energy. Some rules only apply to the Earth realm. Some only apply to the Spirit Realm. Knowing the differences are key to a balanced life.
Watch for the final Part 3 of Spirit Realm Rules: The differences between Heaven & Earth and their rules. Posted by October 4, 2014.

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