Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Top Two Questions People Ask Psychics

For those who don't know me, I directly communicate with the Spirit Realm (God, Heaven, Angels, Spirit Guides, Lost Loved Ones) since 1988. Assisting others since 1989. Aware of my gifts since 1969. Used them 1970-1980, then turned them off until 1988. There's a story behind that. But first, let's answer the Two Most Popular Questions.

Question I'm often asked out in the public "Isn't that Psychic Stuff just Hocus-Pocus?"
Question I'm often asked by clients & strangers: "How can you turn it off/on?"

"Isn't that Psychic Stuff just Hocus-Pocus?" No. It's as real and natural as breathing air - for all of us. We're all born with this "gift". I've believed that since I was 5 years old (1969). Before anyone told me anything different. We've been conditioned to believe the opposite. Truth: We're all born with these abilities. It just takes practice. Details below.

"How can you turn it off & on? Don't you get information all the time?" I used to get info 24/7. For my own sanity and respecting others' privacy, I set good boundaries. I learned how to turn it off/on - my abilities and the Spirit Realm (God). Decades of Practice. Details below.

Psychic Hocus-Pocus
We're all born with these abilities. It's as natural to our human existence as breathing air. When you pray, you're speaking to God, the Spirit Realm, your Spirit Guides (Angels). When you don't pray, they're speaking to you. Balance of energies flow in and out. Whether we're consciously aware of it or not. Physics. A good example: black holes existed before we had the technology to view them. They were always there. We simply lacked the tools necessary to discover them. It took a few people asking "I wonder if...." that popped open that discovery. Such is your Psychic Connection.

We've been conditioned to believe, through social norms, that we cannot communicate nor connect with these divine sources that directly assist us on our life's journey. Many things separate us from our connection to God, Spirit Realm, our Spirit Guides (Angels), Lost Loved ones and the vast amount of information available to us 24/7: Religions, governments, mainstream media, our upbringing or belief systems.  It's not hocus-pocus. It's real.

In my opinion, those societal norms keep us disconnected or separated for one reason: to control us. Control our minds, actions, belief systems - control our lives. Societies have done this for eons. It's not a new phenomenom.

The only difference between my abilities and yours: Decades of Practice. From 1970-1980, then from 1988 until now. Practice. Practice. Practice.

Unfortunately, charlatans give the profession a bad name. A few bad apples spoil the whole bunch. The 80-20 Rule: 20% bad apples spoil the 80% - or vice versa. People without the "gift" who deliberately take advantage of others for their own financial gain. They exist. They've existed since dawn of time. Bad apples exist in every industry (e.g. Wall Street, Law Enforcement, Congressmen). Bad experiences normally get more "air time" than good ones. Part of life. Good ones exist too. They've existed just as long.

Charlatans: I met quite a few while working at Sedona's most popular "tourist" Psychic Center my first 5 months in Sedona. They couldn't find a real job for various reasons and chose to be a "Psychic" without realizing the responsibility that goes with the "job". Very conflicted people who could not help clients and ultimately damage reputation of that Center and the profession. James Ray (Sedona Sweat Lodge) once worked there.

For decades, my day job was in Corporate America. I moonlighted as a Psychic-Channel. Being a Psychic-Channel is a huge responsibility. Honesty, integrity is extremely important. You cannot be a good Psychic-Channel without them. The Spirit Realm (God, Angels) do not communicate with folks who lack integrity or skills.

Turning it Off/On Like A Water Faucet
For the first 3-5 years, I received information 24/7. I'd see ghosts, shadows in my house. Heard voices when no one was around. Sensed and heard countless "invisibles" talk or want to get my attention while eating at a crowded restaurant. Could read someone's mind and their "soul blueprint" while standing next to them.

Respecting personal boundaries is important to me. I learned to turn it off & on. Setting clear boundaries with the Spirit Realm (God) and my abilities. Decades of practice. Turning my abilities off/on also strengthens, refreshes, renews my abilities. Like washing a car.

When I meet with girlfriends, it's "off" unless they ask a question & their Spirit guides answer. Then I'll tell them the answer. Otherwise, I'm just as normal as you are. Unless you request an appointment, you'd probably never know I was a Psychic when I'm "off the clock."

In 2013, I'll be speaking more & teaching more people how to "Reconnect With Your Beautiful Spirit" and the Spirit Realm. We're all born with these gifts. Whether you're aware or open to that possibility or not, it is true. It is truth. It is your truth.

Namaste -
Robin Amanda Kelley
Sedona Spirit Connection, LLC - Psychic-Clairvoyant, Energy-Reiki Healer, Sedona Vortex Expert
50 Stutz Bearcat, Suite 2
Sedona, AZ 86336
(928) 451-5107


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