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Day 2: Sedona Vortex Energy Revealed

Boynton Canyon (Balance-Electromagnetic)
There are as many explanations for the Sedona vortex energies as the different cultures who lived or worked here.

Having a background in geology, physics, engineering and spiritual energy work, I know everything is energy. When a change in energy occurs or the barometric pressure rises or drops wherever I am on Earth, I feel it. Either blessed or cursed, I've lived with this internal energy gauge over 30 years now. Using my internal gauge, I do sense certain energies at certain spots in Sedona. Sometimes I get headaches, which I don't normally have. Sometimes certain spots calm and soothe me. Some spots in Sedona energize me to act.

Mother Earth's constant energy forces manifest in many physically active ways: volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, dust storms, weather patterns. When an imbalance or energy surge occurs, we usually see or feel it. Sedona's "vortex" energies are felt, not seen.

Earth works a lot like our human bodies. Her involuntary systems of underground plates, sedimentary layers, rivers, mountains work on auto-pilot much like our heartbeat, lung function, blood flow or digestion.

Bell Rock (left) & Courthouse Butte (right) - (Electric)
When we drink sodas, the extra fizz (excess carbonated energy) causes a digestive imbalance and makes us burp. Earth burps excess energy too. Sometimes manifested in storms, volcanoes, earthquakes; sometimes in invisible energy rising from its core to the surface. This is what I call "vortex" energy: Mother Earth burping energy to the surface in a non-violent, invisible way. Earth's ley lines resemble human veins. Some folks believe Sedona's energies result from several key ley lines crisscrossing each other under Sedona's surface: like an Earth "cramp".

Natives believe Sedona is one of the Seven energy centers of the World, like our Seven Wonders of the World: Machu Picchu, Egypt's Giza, site of Eiffel Tower, India's Taj Majal and others. At one time, Sedona had seven distinct energy vortex areas. Also, seven main Native tribes used Sedona for communion among each other (e.g. G-7 Summit) and ceremony. The Boynton Canyon area is known by Natives as "Land of Seven Canyons" for the 7 main tribes who traveled here to learn from each other.

Cathedral Rock-Red Rock Crossing (Magnetic)
Scientists define Sedona's energy as swirling, non-violent cone-shaped (tornado-shaped) energy rising up from the earth's core to the surface. Seismologists tested Sedona's vortex energies and received different readings at each "vortex" area, substantiating scientists' claims.

The term "Sedona Vortex" was originally penned by psychic Page Bryant in the mid-1980s. While living on the East Coast, her spirit guides nudged her to visit Sedona for its spiritual and physical healing properties. When she visited this land, she felt electric and magnetic forces in certain places. Electric is manifesting, masculine energy that exudes out from the rocks. Magnetic is nurturing, soothing, feminine energy that brings us inward, or allows us to connect with the Earth.

Bell Rock, Courthouse Butte, Airport Mesa and Schnebly Hill feel "electric" and masculine. Airport Mesa is the strongest, largest, most stable energy area in Sedona. It's a great place to manifest, connect with your Spirit or bring ideas. Cathedral Rock, Red Rock Crossing and Chapel Rock feel "magnetic", feminine and nurturing. Wonderful places to unwind your worries and stresses. Boynton Canyon vortex is electromagnetic, providing balance of our male & female sides.

Since I believe everything is energy, I feel we leave pieces of our energy wherever we go, especially the Native American Indians who traveled here more often than we have. Their direct connection to the land and its powers to feed and shelter them created reverence, mutual respect. Bell Rock, Courthouse and Airport were predominantly walked by men. Cathedral Rock and Red Rock Crossing were used mostly by women. Courthouse Butte is also where the early Anglo settlers held justice and hangings - very masculine & active indeed!

View from Airport Mesa (Electric)
Over 4 million skeptics and believers visit Sedona from across the globe per year to discover if its magical energies can help them. Whenever I've guided visitors across Vortex areas, the skeptics become the strongest believers.

Chapel Rock (Magnetic)
You get what you intend (give) in Sedona. That's what I've found from living here and taking clients out on the land. Every one of my tour clients has experienced something they feel but can't explain or quantify. If you want to connect with your spirit and your "guides", you will. If you come for physical healing, you'll get it. If you come to release old patterns, physical and mental stress or excess emotional baggage, you'll leave feeling lighter. Whatever you need or want, there's a rock-vortex for that. That's the magic of Sedona.

Namaste -
Robin Amanda - Sedona Spirit Psychic
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