Monday, December 6, 2010

Puzzle Piece - Patterns

I see patterns in everything. Don't know why - just do and always have. Over the last few days, I've heard this pattern of thought, mode of living, from various people with differing backgrounds, talents, views:  "I tune out information that doesn't apply to me directly." After slightly cringing at their statement, I thought - "Boy, sure wish I could! How simple life would be."

For whatever reason, I simply wasn't built that way. Were you? I pay attention to anything & everything, seeking knowledge, understanding in almost every area of human life. Sticking my head in the sand is seldom an option. But maybe I'm not playing life correctly. Maybe puzzles & patterns fascinate me too much.

If you only pay attention to that which directly affects you, your mind probably isn't cluttered with "why"s like mine is. Your focus concentrates on a few key areas - like an expert or specialist. Webster's Dictionary defines "expert" as "showing special skill or knowledge; a specialist." Specializing is "to concentrate one's efforts in a special activity or field; or to change in an adapted manner." (Webster's).

Holy smokes - if you're specializing in a certain area, how does adapting to change relate? Oops - showing my "why" side again. English language sometimes befuddles me. Maybe by focusing on a certain area, you can see the need for change quicker? And adapt easier? That makes sense. What do you think?

With intended, precise focus solely on your life & its immediate demands, perhaps it's easier to "live in the moment." Which is seen by many as an admirable trait. Releasing any fears of "what's next?" At the same time, if we only focus on what's important to us, isn't that defined as "putting the blinders on?", or self-indulgent, self-centered behavior?  Does it limit the scope of our lives? Failing to see or recognize the vast richness of the world we live in, experiences of others past & present who could further enlighten & educate us?

Puzzles fascinate me. Still working on this one. If you'd like to lend a hand, post a comment. Thank you.

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