Thursday, December 2, 2010

Psychic-Clairvoyant cares about Politics? Why?

To that I ask "Why Not?" 

Last night I attended two Christmas parties. Two completely different audiences. At each party, someone reminded me how odd that a Psychic-Clairvoyant kept up with politics & the ever-changing dynamic US & geo-political global landscape. I find it odd that those in my industry DON'T! If we're good at what we do, we've already seen. Wouldn't that mean we could affect positive change? All talents carry some level of responsibility. No matter what that talent or gift is.

Someone smart once said - "Those who forget history are destined to repeat it." I don't want us to repeat bad mistakes. 

I've been Psychic & Clairvoyant my entire life. That's a long time - over 40 years. Way before it was cool. When you do something that long, you learn when & how to shut it off & turn it on. You learn how to journey, straddle realities, keeping yourself in balance. When your talents aren't the "status quo" and you fear persecution, you also learn early to keep your mouth shut. Patiently biding your time until the landscape changes, allowing you to reveal your true colors. I'd say the landscape has changed, wouldn't you?

When I was younger (elementary, junior high, high school), I received countless messages, images from the Other Side. From very wise leaders & philosophers everyone would recognize. Most of those messages revealed what we're going through now - in the US & abroad. Yes - 30 years ago or more. Those teachers from the Other Side coached & guided me to pay attention, learn all I can about societies (new & old), question everything & keep my awareness open. I listened. I've followed US politics since the late 1970s & global politics since the '80s.  To learn, bide my time, and test their prophecies & timelines.

When I channel, providing psychic information to clients, I straddle all realities - my client's, his/her angels & guides, their lost loved ones & other layers of the Universal physical & ethereal - past, present, future. When you're connected to Universal energies, you can straddle all sides of life. Exposing yourself to all realities.  All realities is an inclusive term & theory, not exclusive. Politics, finance, math, sciences, history - every part of the Universe & our reality.

Shaman spanning centuries & cultures have journeyed through different realities in their earthen lives, returning in tact to their physical bodies, as if they never left. When you know how and have tools to re-align & re-balance, you can do it.  Living in a physical body does not limit your capacity, unless you allow it to.

What I've seen or been shown over the last 30+ years would scare most people. The images haven't changed much. The timelines & possibilities, probabilities have. What I've been told by these teachers, as recent as this morning, is - We Can Still Change the outcome, the future, the images. Nothing is set in stone. If it was, what we're seeing today would have happened in the late '90s. It didn't. We transformed, shifted & moved it. We still can. 

Stay informed, realize you have a voice, use it. When you get angry, get busy - act. Contact your congressmen, send out emails to friends, Facebook information you receive. Fear & anger can be great motivators. Use it. You can affect positive changes in your world & the world around you. You can. Just do it. It's no accident that we live in the Internet Age. Use it - create the change you want. Shift the paradigms. Re-awaken.

Last night's parties brought up an interesting point. Why must a New-Ager living in this physical, earthen world be cornered into a category which dictates only living in the ethereal world - simply preaching peace, love, forgiveness? Seems one-dimensional to me. If that were the case, I wouldn't have chosen to live in a physical body this lifetime. And I definitely chose this body, mind, heart & soul for this Age we're living in now. Wouldn't have it any other way. Interestingly, those judgments primarily come from either people in my industry or those focused on "peace, love, compassion", not the political-savvy, reawakening public. Things that make you go "hmmm".

Change your world. Create a better life for yourself & others. Don't be afraid to pay attention, inform & act. The time is now. 

--Blessings to you.
Namaste -
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