Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Full Moon in Pisces & Sun in Virgo

Enhanced creativity, imagination, emotional sensitivity & releasing of old patterns surround this Full Moon in Positive Pisces. You may feel there's nothing you can't do! And it's true! Flow with its aquatic force as you ride its waves.

Pisces moves us on spiritual & emotional levels. As you share your views, feelings, soul inclinations with the world or just one person, your emotional sensitivity may be heightened. Might want to keep a box of kleenex handy. Tears may flow as you react to certain stimuli. Have no fear, it's all part of your natural release process - compounded with the effects of our current Transformation period.

With Sun in Virgo, Pisces' tendencies get a good dose of earthy pragmatism. Your heart & soul - desires of the imagination, fantasies, escapism connected to your soul essence - may appear more driven, more grounded & deliberate. Take Pisces' inspirational energy, move forward with an idea and turn it into your new reality.

Native Earth Wisdom speaks of this time as a great balance between Cougar & Brown Bear. While the cougar's mysterious, passionate nature reflects enhanced psychic, emotional & mystical magic - the Brown Bear's wisdom, practicality and confidence provides a balanced base on which to leap.

It's a great blessing for us to receive the Universe' energy in such a balanced way. Time to dream, imagine, create, cry, release, then act.

Namaste - 
Robin Amanda

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