Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Full Moon in Scorpio

Full Moon in Scorpio.  

The tail of the Scorpion is ready to sting. This moon brings out repressed conflicts, jealousy, financial concerns.

So if you've been struggling with certain relationships, or things unsaid, you'll say them now. They may sting or you may get stung by words or actions of others. Best to realize it's all part of the clearing process - which is what 2010 is all about: clearing the cobwebs, completing old tasks.

On the financial front, we will see more home & office foreclosures during this time that may disrupt markets. The moon's stubborness brings things to the surface that we hadn't wanted to look at.

Sharing your thoughts & feelings is helpful now. Those repressed emotions, conflicts, or fears must be released to bring you back to balance. If you've been holding back, this moon will bring you back to the surface. Tackle pending issues, or at least initiate the process.

Tempers may flare, hidden agendas may surface. This Desert Sun Stinger moon provides opportunities to push through or stare down your fears. So it may seem uncomfortable.  Understanding and acknowledging your higher good, purpose, or pure intent will provide you solace & peace.

Luckily, other astrological influences during this moon's cycle provide chances for clarity without conflicts on certain days. We're all clear beginning May 11.

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