Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March 3, 2010 - Triple your FUN!

Triple Number Three's Today! 

According to Numerology, today could lead to wonderful surprises for you. It's a time of great expansion, luck, creativity, social events, and ABUNDANCE! Be a ham - laugh it up. Feel carefree, optimistic and allow your innocence to show through.

The Number Three is ruled by the planet Jupiter, Mr. Abundance. When "cubed" as 3/3/3, you triple your chances for success, good fortune, luck. Virgo Moon pushes these successes even more so - with a little effort.

Anyone born as a Number Three shares the same characteristics as this day brings. It's the day when your Inner Child surfaces in a magnificent, talented, light-hearted way. No worries stifle you. Number Threes are the consummate child or teenager with loving, innocent, expressive energy. The caveat is completing tasks. Like a teenager, you'll still want some discipline as you  move through today's events. Full Moon in Virgo provides effort & action themes to help you with follow through.

Your creativity & talent blossom. Express your gifts & talents to yourself & others to reap the most benefit. Combined with Pisces Sun and Virgo Moon, your talented efforts lead to expansion on many levels - spiritually, emotionally, physically, mentally.  Wiping your fears clean, allowing your razor-sharp intuition room to grow and be heard. Spiritual expansion and intuition rises up with Three. Today's a wonderful day to listen to your inner voice of intuition and clairvoyance, allowing it to grow.

Whatever you write or create today has a wonderful chance to be quite marketable & push you toward great successes.  Not a writer or creator? Buy a LOTTO ticket or take a chance - either methods could prove quite fruitful - taking advantage of the abundance surrounding today's energy.

Number Three's energy also highlights innovative marketing and/or merchandising tools. If you're involved with marketing, social media, or want to start a new business in those areas, start researching or acting on it today.

Want to get pregnant? The Number Three resonates with fertility & children - also including any new project you're working on - work on it today & it will expand. Today's ideas & efforts prove marketable and popular.

Number Three also brings enjoyment on all levels of your life. It's a great time to work on those new ideas, bringing them to forefront. Social vibrations are heightened as well - with friends or business associates. You're a popular asset.

Stifling your gifts, talents today may lead to depression, gloominess or self-involvement. So express yourself today.

Number Three is a Fire Sign - calling for expressive action. Actors, writers, playwrights, dancers - this is their Number.

Like a child or teenager, Number Three may lend itself to scattered energy. The Virgo Moon assists you with this. Discipline is a key ingredient to success.

Since we're living in a Number Three year (2010 = 30 = 3), posting this year's attributes in a later blog.

Love & Light - Triple your Pleasure today!

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