Sunday, March 28, 2010

Full Moon in Libra Monday, March 29, 2010

Relationships, Love & Balance
Full Moon in Libra

It's a great time to dig in the dirt/garden, plan a vacation, meet attractive people, join a group, reconnect with yourself, connect with others in a respectful, accepting way. This Full Moon brings balance, strength, introspection, with a huge dose of "all heart".

Libra also reminds us that no man is an island - isolated with no attachments, relationships, duties or responsibilites. An island works with all forces of nature to sustain itself - earth, wind, fire, water. A man on an island must find food & water to stay alive, working with nature to sustain himself. Coexisting and building healthy respectful relationships are key elements to both scenarios.

Libra teaches us how to balance & sustain ourselves while enjoying the endearing benefits of acceptance and unconditional love through our relationships.

Relationships come in many forms, colors & dimensions. Libra speaks to that.

  • How we relate & give to ourselves: our personal health, wealth, sense of accomplishment, inner peace, inner acceptance, happiness, etc. 

  • How we relate & give to others: setting healthy boundaries, enjoying the gifts of others while sharing ours, mutual respect, admiration, acceptance

  • How we relate to our surroundings: nature, environments, experiences - past & present

  • How we relate to The Universe: our connection to Source, Spirit, God, Allah, etc.
If you have been struggling with any relationship elements, Libra's Full Moon will give you ample opportunity for clarity and renewed balance. Stressed out lately? Take time for yourself. Dealing with relationship drama? Take a step back. Feeling spiritually disconnected? Take action to rekindle that fire - attend church, spiritual-related classes, yoga, tai chi, meditate or reconnect with nature. It's all about balance.

Native American Indian Astrology points to this time as The Raven. A bird that adapts to all worlds through its relationship between air & earth (i.e. man & nature). The Raven crosses many dimensions successfully as long as it returns to land often and builds respectful relationships with the other worlds. That's the balance.  

Ravens attract earth energy, becoming more grounded to fully utilize their talents & gifts for the Higher Good of the Universe. Ravens provide great gifts to the Universe -  healing & psychic mediumship.

Stay open to acceptance & love and you'll receive the balance this Moon offers you. It's a great time to Reconnect with Your Beautiful Spirit.

Libra Moon stays with us through April 10th. What would you like it to bring you? Share your thoughts by posting it now!

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