Saturday, January 16, 2010

Haiti & Your Heart

We've all heard & seen stories about the heart-breaking situation in Haiti. During times of crises, we're called within our souls & by others to reach out and help. When we feel powerless to help, we feel aimless and depressed. Yes, it is time to reach out and help the Haitians - using your natural born tools & gifts, not your checkbook. Thus far, $7.5 Billion across the globe is being sent to assist in relief efforts, financially or through goods & services. Save your $40 donation and use your strongest resources to aid in the relief effort - your heart & soul.

You were born with the right tools & resources to aid in any catastrophe. When we're born or when we die, those same resources are present in us when other facets of our earthen lives are missing. Our soul possessions, the qualities within us that matter most.

All religions, dogmas & philosophies speak of the internal resources that we all innately possess: love, faith, determination, compassion, and other "good medicine". Need proof of your invisible resource quality? Gaze into the eyes of a baby or hold a child - feel the positive, nurturing energy that surrounds you. You were once that child or baby - born to transform & send healing energy to others. As we blossom into adulthood, we oftentimes neglect those key qualities, consciously or unconsciously, while learning to use other parts of our earthen selves like intellect, physical essence, and reasoning. These are all wonderful resources that our soul requires too! As long as they're tempered with the knowledge that our earthen souls are "in school." Sometimes it's easy to forget that fact & return to our natural state where an abundance of natural resources exist.

We're in the Age of Transformation. It's time for our souls to remember the abundant, positive natural resources we all possess. And start using them! Prayers, love energy, compassion, imagination - all invisible, innate energies we were born with. That is what will transform our world.

For the past 30 years, I've studied the Mayan Calendar, Egyptian folklore, translated Nostradamus quatrains, and immersed myself in other dogmas, predictions and themes related to 2012.

Dec. 21, 2012 is a deadline, not a timeline to procrastinate or worry about. The Age of Transformation attached to 2012 theories is NOW. Mother Earth is simply showing us avenues to return to our natural essence. Haiti's earthquake and our need to help is an opportunity for soul growth. Change your pattern, thoughts, and the way you send out energy and you change your world. It's no accident that money is becoming a limited resource. It is not our ultimate resource. History dictates the change in life energy (i.e. money) over the course of ages on this planet.

Want to help Haiti? Set aside prayer time or healing energy time every day. Ask God, The Universe or your Guardian Angels (or all of them!) to assist in your efforts. Visualize your positive, healing energy being sent to a person who is still surviving under the rubble and devastation - and many are! Visualize your peaceful energy being sent to mother, children and fathers who are grieving their lost loved ones while waiting for food & water. Visualize your peace energy & compassion being sent to the looters or bribing officials.

Use your natural resources, transform yourself and watch the world transform.

Please check back later for more updates on how the Haiti disaster and other scenarios are related to our multi-dimensional soul progression.

May your "force" be with you! Peace, blessings & love -
Namaste -
Robin Amanda

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