Friday, January 29, 2010

Full Moon in Leo

Time to PLAY, be COURAGEOUS, feel LOVED and enjoy the world you live in. Take care of you & those you love in a fun, playful way. It's also the time for "heroes" and passion.

Have a special project you'd love to get off the ground? This is the time to muster the courage & take those steps.

Feeling depressed, sad or blue lately? This is a wonderful time to go outside (or stay inside) and play! Kick off your shoes, don those dancing shoes, or do something fun you haven't experienced in a long while. This is a great time to celebrate your life.

Be affectionate with those you love. The Lioness energy purrs & soothes others. The male Lion protects his clan. Feel loved, protected and nurturing during this time. 
Watch your ego (growl) while you allow your passions to flow.

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