Friday, January 27, 2017

Love & Rewarding Bad Behavior

On a soul and heart level, we all want to be loved by others. We also want to feel love for others. We want to love; we want to feel loved. It's etched in our soul and hearts: to love and be loved. Water shapes 80% of our physical bodies, love shapes 100% of our soul and heart essences. We cannot live full physical lives without water. Likewise, we cannot live full emotional and spiritual lives without love.

Love is the engine that drives our souls and hearts on this planet. Our acts of love are their fuel.

Sometimes it's easy to confuse love with obligation. Sometimes it's easy to complicate love with expectations. Feeling obligated or responsible for others; setting unrealistic expectations on ourselves and others: can dilute, damage and divert our desire for love. Obligation and unrealistic expectations come from our brain not our heart nor soul.

Seeking love on this planet, emotionally and spiritually, is part of everyone's Soul Destiny. We are spiritual souls living in physical human bodies on this physical planet. Loving others and being loved by others creates high-vibrations which balances Earth and human societies. We know this intuitively; sometimes we forget this consciously. It's one of our main conflicts: using our intuition (soul) versus our brain (consciousness). Obligation and expectations originate from our brains. Love originates from our heart and soul.

I work with a diverse group of clients: moms, dads, sisters, brothers, wives, husbands, single women, single men. Each client struggles with loving and being loved in various ways. Parents who love their substance-addicted children and want to help them. Parents raising a child with emotional, physical, mental disabilities. Spouses who love their wife/husband afflicted with depression or addiction and want to help them. Siblings loving their brother/sister afflicted with depression, physical disabilities or addiction. Single men and women wanting to find romantic love.

We all want to help those we love. On a soul level, we feel our love for them will help them, ease their pain, calm their suffering, wash away their troubles. On the soul level, we are correct. On the heart level, we are correct. On the physical level, we wonder what are the best loving actions-methods to make them feel better. This is where obligation and expectations come in. Especially when that loved one acts out badly or continually behaves negatively, self-sabotaging his/her life.

What can we do? Our soul and heart say: Just love them. Our minds say: How? Ultimately, the heart and soul win and we reward that loved one's bad behavior. We give them love. We give them resources. We forgive their bad behavior. We wash away their troubles. We overlook their transgressions. But the result is worse: they behave worse. We're rewarding their bad behavior. A perfect example of Pavlov's Dogs. The dogs rewarded for behaviors (good and bad), continued behaving that way. On the heart and soul levels, that loved one begins feeling more loved when they act out. So they continue acting out. Like a 3-yr-old child learning how to communicate. We helped create a bigger mess: more spiritual and emotional imbalances for ourselves and that loved one.

So what's the answer? Respect their Free Will and simply be a role model for them. Create strong boundaries and only reward them for good behavior and healthy habits. Remember your loved one has Free Will and Inner Power like you do, to make their lives better. Show them the way by modeling your happy, balanced life. Highlight the path. Don't grab their hand and pull them. Let them choose the path you highlight (Free Will); the path you're modeling for them. When they choose for themselves, their Inner Power strengthens and resurrects. Part of highlighting the path: build strong boundaries, inform them when they crossed the boundaries, don't reward bad behavior, encourage and reward them when they respect boundaries and practice positive, healthy habits/behaviors. 

For single clients seeking romantic love, they feel expressing their love to potential romantic partners builds a loving relationship. On the soul and heart levels, they are correct. But what is the best physical method of expressing that love in a new relationship? As we seek romantic love, we can fall into traps created by our expectations or societal obligations. How we navigate those traps determines our success for finding true romantic love: true agape love.

Working with most single clients seeking romantic love, a theme exists: the client wants romantic love so much that he/she forgives or avoids the romantic potential's bad behavior. When a romantic potential does not pursue them, then they pursue that person, showering that potential partner with love, good deeds, kindness, heart-felt words and forgiveness. While forgiveness and acts of love and kindness are wonderful spiritual and emotional endeavors, the potential romantic partner must be deserving of your loving acts.

If the potential partner shows you love, respect, kindness (even if the word "love" is not fully expressed), that potential is worthy of your affection and attention. If the potential partner shows you disrespect (you feel disrespected), treats you unfairly or unkindly, that potential does not deserve your loving acts.

When seeking true love, rewarding bad behavior will not bring you true love. Set strong boundaries, communicate those boundaries openly, give that potential partner Free Will and the Inner Power to respect your boundaries and show/prove their loving feelings for you - before you judge them. If they disrespect the boundaries you expressed to them, let them know. If they continue disrespecting your boundaries and needs, do not reward them; leave them.

Finding true romantic love happens when you decide two things: "I want true romantic love" PLUS you act on what you want. If you stay in a relationship where you're doing all the work, or rewarding that partner for disrespecting or being unkind to you, it is not true romantic love. If you stay in a romantic relationship where the potential treats you unfairly or unkindly, you're showing God-The Universe-Your Spirit Guides that you're willing to settle for less than what you want. You're also creating an energy field around you that attracts less than what you want. Because that's the energy you're emitting.

When you decide "I want a potential romantic partner who treats me with respect, kindness, affection and loving acts" (or other positive attributes), you create an energy field around you (your aura) that attracts potentials with those traits.

Rewarding bad behavior may seem like an act of love. It is not. When you reward bad behavior, you're telling the Universe-God-Angels "I accept and desire people behaving badly toward me." Whether you're a parent, a spouse, or a single person seeking love - rewarding bad behavior will create more bad behavior. The Pavlov's Dog experiment teaches us this. Rewarding bad behavior also whittles down your soul and heart's positive, energetic field. Continually accepting bad behavior from others will create a hole in your Aura (energetic field). Making it harder for you to love and be loved.

Reward your loved ones and potential romantic partners for their good deeds. Love them silently, through prayer and modeling good behavior, when they behave badly. Love them by setting a good example. Love them by setting personal boundaries. Show, speak, express to them how you want to be treated; how you want to be loved. When they pass those tests, they deserve your love. They deserve your unconditional love; your heart and soul love. Your soul and heart will thank you. And your life will feel more fulfilled.

These are the words of my Angels and high-vibration, high-consciousness beings/souls. Channeled information using my psychic-mediumship gifts to provide you wisdom, clarity and understanding as you Walk Your Sacred Path. Love is our greatest energy source. It is the engine of our hearts and souls. Using it wisely expands our soul and heart consciousness and our individual physical lives on this planet. We want love. We want to feel loved. It is our Soul Destiny. Knowing the pitfalls, boundaries and traps helps us love more; thereby loving ourselves more (self-love) and truly attaining Spiritual Enlightenment.

Sending you Love & Light.
Namaste -
Robin Amanda Kelley
The Sedona Spirit Psychic (since 1989; In Sedona since 2009)

Friday, January 20, 2017

Fear & The New President

"What we fear, we create." This philosophy applies 95% of the time in our lives. What we think about, when attached to an emotion, comes about.

According to Webster's Dictionary: "Fear is a painful emotion or passion excited by the expectation of evil, or the apprehension of impending danger, apprehension, anxiety, alarm or dread."

For the first time of my life on this planet, half the population of America is afraid of the new President of The United States. There is no rational nor factual basis for their fear. Yet, they are afraid.

Protesters gather for Million Women March on DC tomorrow, the day after the event. Their premise is "we're afraid Trump will marginalize women and minorities. We want our voices heard." There's no historic data for their premise. The incoming President has promoted women and minorities equally in his organizations over the last 30 years. No facts support their fear. Yet people are afraid.

Today's Inauguration is flanked with the highest security protection of any previous Presidential Inauguration in the 240-year history of The United States of America. People's fears could lead to violence. Many subversive groups promote violence by their members today. Congressional Intelligence Committees have prepared for today since the new President was elected.

I've never seen anything like it. The volume of hatred, fear, anger among US electorate, celebrities and government officials against the new President is frightening and over-exaggerated without factual cause.

If you want to live in fear, there are plenty of things in life to fear. When you're afraid, you are not rational: you live in fight or flight mode. Fear is a limiting emotion. "Fight fear with facts" is my motto. Fear restricts your life force energy. Fear limits your happiness factor. Fear restricts your soul growth and Soul Enlightenment. Why choose to be afraid? Being afraid is a choice: a Free Will choice. It is not a soul element. Your soul is never afraid. Fear is a 2-dimensional emotion. We live in a 5-dimensional world now. Fear should be beneath us. Trust, faith, compassion and the willingness to allow individuals a chance: those are elements of the 5th dimension we live in. Not fear.

While I'm not a fan of the new President Trump, I am an American. He won the election by winning over 80% US counties. I am an American. That means I must respect the will of the voters and the electoral process put forth by the US Constitution and Founders of US - which existed when Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, John F Kennedy, FDR, Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter were elected. Our electoral process has not changed because it works. It allows every person in every county to have a voice in our national elections. Whomever was elected through our voting process deserves my respect, patience, benefit of doubt and openness.

As an American, I must give the new President a chance to prove himself. That is what being an American means. It means respecting everyone's vote in the 2016 election. To feel any other way is hypocritical to my beliefs about our Soul Evolution on this planet. To fear this new President, protest him or fight against him, before he's proven what he will do, is contrary to my belief in compassion, faith, trust, individual self-empowerment, and my soul essence. Fear and Spiritual Enlightenment are opposing forces. Anyone afraid of this new President is not practicing Enlightenment. Protesting based on fear is not a spiritual action. Fear separates you from your soul, The Universe, God and Angelic realms. Your soul, The Universe-God and Angelic realms know no fear. Spiritually enlightened individuals do not live in fear. I do not live in fear.

As you walk your Sacred Path, living life on this planet, you choose how to react to circumstances. You cannot always change what happens to you, but you can change how you react to it. The measure of a man/woman is how he/she deals with adversity and uncertainty.

During times of trouble, emotional, spiritual, mental conflict and pain - use your Soul Energy to uplift you. Do not live in fear. Remember who you are. Remember your soul does not live in fear. Remember fear restricts you. Courage uplifts you. Remember that compassion & respect cut both ways; 2-way streets. If you consider yourself compassionate, be compassionate without prejudice. If you live a life based on faith, use your faith without prejudice. Remember: What you fear, you create.

These are the building blocks of Soul Enlightenment. They are also the principles that created the United States of America. The new President deserves my respect, patience, compassion and trust. Not because of who he is or his position. Because of who I am: a highly evolved soul living every day with a high vibration, connected to spiritual energies. Walking my Talk, practicing what I preach, is more important than what others do or say. No fear. Only love, faith, trust and inner strength - soul strength.

Namaste -
Robin Amanda Kelley
Sedona Spirit Psychic

Thursday, January 5, 2017


Webster's Dictionary defines authenticity (authentic) as "genuine, trustworthy, being actually and exactly what is claimed." It's a term used in psychology, sociology and the spiritual industry.

Being your Authentic Self means speaking your truth, walking your talk, respecting your boundaries and the boundaries of others.

Your Authentic Self is a product of your Soul Essence and your Life Experiences. Your Authentic Self remembers everything. It does not lie nor whitewash your Inner Truth. Your Authentic Self constantly speaks the truth to you and others; it is your inner voice (intuition).

Your Intuition, Soul and Authentic Self are the same energies. They feel the same; move with same energetic frequency.

When you are Your Authentic Self, you trust yourself. You interact with others from a position of truth, honesty and empowerment. You see differences in others and it is exciting, not threatening. You love diversity - whether it's diverse viewpoints, political attitudes, genders, races, cultures.

Being your Authentic Self means never playing defense. You roll and adapt to whatever experiences happen. You know who you are and you respect who you are. Self-respect automatically gives you a healthy vantage point to appreciate others' differences and the dichotomy of life.

When you walk through life as Your Authentic Self, you easily learn what works in your life and what doesn't. You easily navigate through challenges and conflicts. You are always you; using your gifts, talents and abilities to your advantage.

When you are connected to Your Authentic Self, you see reality clearly. Reality becomes more vibrant and exciting, even if it appears dull or ugly on its surface. You see reality and your position in the world clearly. You're able to see others more clearly - whether they are like you or different from you.

Being your Authentic Self releases excess baggage you might carry around. When you are authentically you, being exactly and actually what you claim to be, you do not carry the woes or issues of other people. Your boundaries are well-defined. Life becomes effortless. You're not covering up mistakes. You're not living in the past. You're living in the "now", respecting who you are and respecting others' traits and boundaries too.

In relationships, as your Authentic Self, you clearly see the boundaries between you and others. Just like water is water, trees are trees and rocks are rocks. You know your place and who you are. When conflicts arise, you easily see where you contributed and the other person contributed. You will see how to make amends and if making amends is necessary. Being your Authentic Self helps you manage the ups and downs of relationships; without carrying others' dramas, dharmas and Karma.

Being your Authentic Self means being who YOU are; not who others want you to be. It means being interdependent, not codependent. It means you have a healthy boundary or border around you - choosing people to be in your Inner Circle. Choosing how to interact with others. Choosing how to make amends or when NOT to make amends.

When you focus on being your Authentic Self, past pains naturally release. Current issues and experiences are easier to manage and navigate through. You feel happier, lighter. You see life through your eyes, no one else's. It frees you to experience life as your soul intended: fully and joyfully. You're not living for someone else. You're not living someone else's life. You're living life by your terms, choosing your experiences and challenges.

When you are your Authentic Self and lose someone you love, you feel the pain. You move through grief easier. Grief is never easy. Being your Authentic Self moves you through grief quicker because you don't feel guilty about how you feel. You don't interfere with others' grief process. You respect  your internal compass, Intuition, emotions - without judging yourself. No matter if you're traveling through grief process or other human challenges.

Being Your Authentic Self helps you identify others who are not genuine nor trustworthy. Living in the energy of Your Authentic Self every minute of the day helps you feel what "authentic" energy feels like. When you meet someone who is not their Authentic Self, you instantly sense it. You will know how to deal with that person. Being authentic means being trustworthy, genuine and exactly what and who you claim to be. So when you meet someone disingenuous and untrustworthy, you will know to avoid them. When you avoid untrustworthy people, you save yourself from unnecessary drama and emotional strain.

Knowing who to trust and who not to trust: that is a key to happiness, empowerment and spiritual fulfillment. Avoiding those you do not trust moves you quicker toward happiness, empowerment and  spiritual enlightenment.

Spiritual Enlightenment can only be attained when you live life as Your Authentic Self. Speaking your truth. Walking your talk. Expressing who you are, what you want, and what you're made of - helps you, your soul and others around you.

You are a beautiful soul living on a diverse planet. Being authentic allows you to see the abundant, vibrant life you have - moving you closer to your soul energy while walking this Earth. Even if your life doesn't appear abundant, when you live as Your Authentic Self, you see your life beautiful, abundant and exciting. You know you always have the power to change your circumstance, experience and the people around you. You know your Inner Power and commitment to yourself is strong and you can adapt and overcome to anything life gives out.

Being your Authentic Self connects you closer to your soul, the Spirit Realm, your Lost Loved Ones and the people you love on this planet. You are empowered to live life as you desire (within legal limits of course). You're empowered to have the life you want. And you have the dedication, drive, motivation and inspiration to make anything happen.

Self-Empowerment. Spiritual Connection. Soul Enlightenment. Happiness. When you are Your Authentic Self, those are the gifts you receive.

Namaste -
Robin Amanda Kelley
The Sedona Spirit Psychic
Email: robin at sedonaspirit dot us

Thursday, December 29, 2016

2017 Trends

2017 is the Year of Fresh Starts – according to Numerology and the Spirit Realm. 2017 is a Number One year. You cleared the decks in 2016, whether you’re aware of it or not. If you experienced any major challenges or difficulties in 2016, you freed up your energies for 2017. Simply walking through major experiences and transformations thereby surviving them, clears your energy.

In 2016, most of us cleared Karmic patterns whether we’re consciously aware of it or not. We learned many things on a heart, soul and mental level. 

Your personal vibration will be very strong in 2017. Use your inner power wisely. Use your initiative to move goals forward. It won’t take much heavy-lifting to forward your goals and life in 2017. Keep your feet calmly on the pedal. You’ll be more effective if you keep the same pace (mentally, emotionally, spiritually) in 2017. Especially while society speeds up.

Change is in the air for 2017. Be your Authentic You as you navigate through this year. You might want to travel more in 2017. Learning new things, seeing new things and forming new lasting friendships (professional and personal) also await you in 2017.

Innovation, new perspectives, new leadership, and a recharged spirit welcome you to 2017. This is the first time in over 30 years when a new US President walked into the White House during a Number One Year. That brings a fresh, new approach to government leadership and how US federal government will work. We will see this Number One pattern play it in interesting ways. According to the Spirit Realm, the way politics has been done and viewed will drastically change in 2017.

Say goodbye to 2016! Say Hello to new beginnings in 2017!

Namaste -
Robin Amanda Kelley
The Sedona Spirit Psychic

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Legends We Lost

Prince, David Bowie, George Michael, Merle Haggard, Maurice White, Alan Thicke, Carrie Fisher, Arnold Palmer, John Glenn, Florence Henderson, Garry Marshall, Garry Shandling, Gene Wilder, Doris Roberts, Patty Duke, George Kennedy, Gordie Howe, Mohammad Ali, Harper Lee, Nancy Reagan. Those are just a few of the legendary people we lost in 2016. All trail-blazers and household names for decades.

Why so many legends lost in one year? It's a Number 9 Year (2016) in Numerology. A time to complete or finish strong Karmic, universal and international cycles. Some Numerologists say: "Leaving this planet in a Number 9 year signifies a life of "firsts", a trailblazing spirit and a strong universal &/or humanitarian legacy that will last forever."

That certainly seems the case with people like astronaut-Senator John Glenn, Fighter-Celebrity Mohammad Ali, Golf Pro Arnold Palmer, "To Kill A Mockingbird" author Harper Lee, musician/artists Maurice White, Prince, David Bowie, George Michael and Merle Haggard. All trailblazers in their field. Movie-maker Garry Marshall, TV celebrities Patty Duke, Florence Henderson and Doris Roberts, comic Gene Wilder, celebrity movie-book maven Carrie Fisher were also trailblazers.

Numerology experts and Astrology experts believe leaving Earth in a Number 9 year brings good fortune, lasting positive legacies and immediate soul peace. As we mourn and miss these incredible role models, Numerology provides a positive way to look at their individual lives and their death-transformation to the Spirit Realm. Leaving a lasting positive legacy and immediately finding peace: isn't that how we all wish our physical death will be.

Namaste -
Robin Amanda Kelley
Sedona Spirit Psychic
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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Karma & Past Lives

Karma and Past Lives are a popular topic from clients this year. 2016 is a Number 9 Year in Numerology (completion) so it makes sense that many people are curious about their Karmic issues, Karmic ties, Karmic relationships and Past Lives more than years past.

On a soul level, we want to complete certain Karmic patterns every year between October 1 and December 31. Especially negative patterns that restrict our soul evolution and limit our happiness in this life.

During a Number 9 year, the desire to complete Karmic cycles is more pronounced and potent. Number 9 years bring "completion" energy; making it easier to release negative patterns or experiences.

Number 9 years also remind us of beautiful, peaceful, fulfilling parts of our life history; helping us piece together Karmic threads in this lifetime &/or other lifetimes - creating a multifaceted, multi-colored tapestry. That tapestry symbolizes our unique, brilliant soul blueprint.

Karmic theory reminds us "what goes around comes around." When we do good, we receive good. The Bible also speaks of Karma: "Do to others as you would have them do to you." (Luke 6:31).

Whatever Karma you created in previous lives (good or bad) can hit you in this lifetime. But you have the perfect tools to override any bad (or good) Karma from your previous lives. First, use your Free Will to choose which Karma you want to override or overcome. Then use "live in the moment" energy to override it. Stay in the moment. Adapt accordingly.

When bad things happen in our life, we often ask "what did I do to deserve this? Either in this life or a previous life?" The basic truth is: Life is filled with good and bad experiences. You cannot change that. You can change the way you view, assess, and adapt to adverse life experiences. Live in the Moment. It's the best way to adapt, overcome and outgrow any current restrictions, limitations. 

Living in the present allows your soul and heart energies to perform at their optimum levels. Feel the feelings. Stay out of your head. Live in today's moment. Wondering or thinking about the past will not change your present or future. Using your heart and soul will.

While your Soul can access your history of several lifetimes in a millisecond; your heart, body and mind are most effective when you focus on today, right now, this life. It's not important to dig deep into your soul history when overcoming obstacles, challenges or life experiences. Digging into the past causes undue stress, strain and sometimes confusion. Focus on your current circumstance. Conquer your current life struggle. When you do that, you'll automatically release any past life Karma connected to your current challenge.

Karma also surfaces when certain people enter your life. When you meet someone for the first time and feel an instant connection, that's a Karmic connection-experience (soulmate connection). 90% of the time, you knew him/her in a previous life. He/she entered your current life for a reason (soul contract). Either to teach, show or remind you who you are. Helping you see your strengths, weaknesses or a different life path that brings you more happiness.

Sometimes these Karmic connected individuals (soulmates) are meant to be in your life for a very brief time. No matter how strong your spiritual connection. Once they fulfill their contract with you, they will leave. They are a soulmate, but a temporary one.

Misconceptions can happen with these temporary soulmates. Your soul connection feels very strong and powerful. Past life memories flood your senses. You feel he/she will be in your life forever. Then one day they are gone or they stop responding to you. Here's why. You were living in the past and not paying attention to the present.

Even if you had a 70-year relationship with a soulmate who re-enters your life now, there is no guarantee you will have the same relationship with him/her in this current life. Focus on the present. Not the past. Be you. Live in this moment.

If you live in the past or live by the standards you both had in a previous life, you will miss the reason they are in your life now. You will miss their message. You will miss the cues they give you this time. You will miss seeing parts of you they agreed to show you. You will miss a step toward your soul growth. You will miss a piece of your soul tapestry. And you will feel empty. By living in the past versus living in the present, you short-circuited your growth process.

Live in this life. Live in "the now". No matter how strong your past life or current life connection is to someone.

Sometimes Karmic-connected people (soulmates) stay in your life longer or throughout your entire current lifetime. The length of time someone stays in your life depends on what your "spiritual contract" says. Another reason to "live in the moment": we don't always know how long someone will be in our life. Appreciate them based on who they are now. Appreciate them based on who you are now.

Living in the moment is the most powerful energy you have. You can use it to overcome any challenge. Digging up the past can often muddy the waters of your life; creating unnecessary complexities and drama that prevent your growth. Keep it simple. Live the life you chose right now. Accept and appreciate what you have now. Whatever past Karma or Past Life connections, issues or patterns you brought into this life, you will complete them by living the life you have now. The more you focus on "now", the easier your life becomes.

Namaste -
Robin Amanda Kelley
The Sedona Spirit Psychic
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